Böle Tannery

County Governor Briefcase

Some say, the County Governor has the most personality of all our Briefcases. That may be because it is the only product that is decorated – with a swirl seam across the front flap. It may also be because you need a lot of character to be County Governor of our region, Northern Bothnia. You will have to deal with the miner’s union and sami reindeer husbandry cooperatives, and you govern a vast land with extremely cold winters. And as it happens, this Briefcase is also a dear possession to one of our legendary County Governors.

Strap handle. Interior compartment and front pockets. Locks from Italian brass. And the swirl seam.

All our Briefcases are made from a single hide of spruce bark tanned Swedish cattle from our own tannery. Made simply by taking the finest Swedish cattle hide we can find and placing it in a mix of spruce bark and Pite river water for 9-12 months. For the lining Nordic reindeer skin is used. The leathers are crafted into Briefcases in our sadlery in accordance with strict principles. The most important principle is simplicity, which is the key to durability. And we do pay attention to details.

Technical Specifications

Measures and Weights
Height incl handle, mm 380
Height excl handle , mm 305
Width, mm 435
Depth, mm 75
Weight, kg 1,5
Carrying weight, kg 8
Carrying volume, cm3 8036
Main Leather
Hide type Cattle
Hide origin Sweden
Tanning agent Spruce Bark
Tanning time, months Appr. 12
Colour Undyed
Thickness, mm 23
Leather used, sqft 15
Lining leather
Hide type Reindeer
Hide origin Sweden/Finland
Colour Cognac
Tanning agent Vegetable
Tanning time, months Less than 1
Thickness, mm 0,9
Leather used, sqft 14
Thread material Nylon
Thread colour White
Stich type LR
Stich lenght, mm 1,5
Stitching length, mm 8036
Stiching method Hand/Machine
Edge dying agent Waterbased
Edge dying rounds About 20
Rivet material Brass
Rivet colour Antique
Riveting method Double Cap
Model Strap
Leather type Spruce bark
Handle core Leather
Stitching method Hand
No. of locks 2
Lock type Key 3 pos
Lock material Italian brass
Lock colour Antique
Top Steel
Sides Carton
Bottom N/A
No of compartments 1
No of external pockets 2
No of internal pockets 1
Versatile case X
Document folder X
Computer case Large X
Computer case Medium X
Computer case Small X
Pad case X
MiniPad case X
Phone case X
Cables case X
Cards case X
Pen case X
Shoulder strap X
Extra bottom X
Laptop cushion X