Böle Tannery


We don’t really design our products. We’d rather say that they are the object of construction. Almost all the products we make are of a model that has been used for a very long time, often hundreds of years.

In the construction of our products we stick to simplicity and durability. We use as much leather, and as little of other things, as possible. Because our leather is strong and will last. And because it is beautiful. We use as few pieces of leather as possible, letting us use as little thread as possible. Even if we think white stitching is beautiful, we know it can break itself, or break the leather, over a long period of time. Other materials are used only when absolutely needed. A positive effect of this, especially for bags, is that the product becomes light, or at least not unnecessarily heavy.

One good example is our Briefcase handles, which are all made of only leather. For our signature Briefcases, the handle has a surface of grain leather. The core is made up by many layers of leather that has been glued together. The result is a handle that is light, that will breathe, that will not break, and that will not irreversibly bend. Other briefcase handles that we are aware of have cores that are of carton (that can absorb sweat and rot or smell bad), plastic (that can brake) or metal (that can irreversibly bend and will make the handle heavier). That is one reason we care so much about construction.