Böle Tannery


Longer lasting products lead to less consumption of all kinds of resources. That is no rocket science. In the struggle for a sustainable society, the most important tool may just be the wiser, lesser and longer use of existing resources. At least, that is what we think, and that is the first of our contributions to a more sustainable society.

Our products are created to last.  Actually, durability is our primary design principle. However tempting it may be to add a beautiful detail – like a few extra rivets just for looks – or a highly practical seal mechanism – like a zipper – we always refrain from doing so since it affects durability negatively.

And they are crafted to last. However tempting it would be to farm out tedious work – like colouring the edges exactly the right number times or to replace the leather core of handles with plastics – we still prefer to do it the hard way ourselves so that we can live up to our promises in the future.

So, a Böle product is to sustain and last. They come with a 15 year guarantee – the legal limitation in Sweden – but we hope that they will last a lifetime, or even to be passed on to another generation. We also provide free annual service, to further ensure durability.

(A more philosophical note: we believe that if something is to survive and last, it has to live and change. Since our leather is not dyed, it is in the nature of Böle products to live and change. Read all about the life of our Leather.)