Böle Tannery


Spruce is our favourite tree. But we use only its bark for our spruce bark tanning. Read all about spruce bark.

Our second favourite tree is the birch (Betula). It grows everywhere around as, actually it grows on the Pite river banks outside our tannery, leaning out over the water. Birch makes a very light and bright wood. It has lately become popular in Nordic furniture design. Many people just use it for burning, heating the sauna or the house. We utilize birch wood for two things. Firstly, as rails for our largest Briefcases. The birch wood is very light, and does not add unnecessary weight to the bag. Secondly, for the birch boxes that is the packaging for our Rucksacks and Briefcases. Again, the birch is light enough not to make an unnecessarily heavy packaging. But it is also strong enough to protect the bags that we have put so much effort into. A beauty in itself, you can probably make very good use of the birch box as a piece of furniture or at least as a very solid storage solution in your home.

We also like the alden tree (Alnus). We have two kinds of it in Sweden. We use only its inner bark. It is used to make the ink with which fills the engraving of the reindeer horn plates for our Rucksacks. Read all about Reindeer horn.