Böle Tannery

Reindeer skin

Reindeer skin is used for the lining of our Briefcases.

For us, reindeer skin is the natural companion to our spruce bark tanned Swedish cattle hide, which is the main leather of our Briefcases. Not because reindeer and spruce bark are the only things we have up here, but because reindeer skin is just the best skin that we know of.

(Note on pelt, hide, fur, leather or skin: We differ between reindeer leather and skin, depending on its thickness, and we mean that a hide or pelt is the raw skin of any animal, which is turned into a fur if the hair is left on. Other people mean that the “pelt” is the raw skin of the animal with its hair left on, that “skin” is the pelt of smaller animals such as rabbits and goats, that “hide” is the pelt of larger animals such as cattle, that “fur” is tanned skin or hide with the hair left on, and that “leather” is tanned skin or hide that has been unhaired.)