Böle Tannery


Being a 4th generation family company, we believe we have shown to be a sustainable commercial operation, based on sound business ethics.

Our spruce bark tanning is a piece of industrial history in itself. As far as we know, we are the last still standing spruce bark tannery on earth. Only in our small and rural part of Sweden, there used to be several spruce bark tanneries a hundred years ago. We hope it is appreciated that we contribute to keeping alive an old local tradition. Hopefully, we can also inspire others to choose old and proven methods, which have so many ecological benefits.

By using reindeer hides, we contribute to the continued existence of Nordic reindeer husbandry. This is a cultural fundament for the Sami, the native people of our land. If we want this tradition to stay alive, we need more people and companies to show appreciation for the Sami reindeer husbandry and choose to buy its produce.

The very location of our business creates jobs in a region where industrial jobs are few. Together with other companies that choose to continue operating as far up north as we do, we contribute to the survival of a distant rural area.