Böle Tannery

Sustainable Ambitions

As you may have noticed, we take sustainability seriously and we are very proud of our sustainability achievements. Still, we believe we can do more.

As a part of the leather industry, working alongside animal husbandry and food industries, we can contribute to even higher animal husbandry ethical standards.

On a daily basis, we can continue to work towards minimizing hide residues.

In terms of waste, we can try to find a valuable reuse for our spruce bark.

Being a company located way up north where it is extremely cold in the winter, we can try to decrease energy consumption for heating.

As a globally exporting consumer products company, we can try to minimize packaging and find ecologically sound solutions to the international freight of our products.

Beyond this, we have some more revolutionary ideas to improve the world. It may just be worth the while for you to follow us in the future.