Böle Tannery


In addition to our standard products we make Bespoke items.

(For those who do not have English as their native language, Bespoke means a product that is specially manufactured to the specifications of the buyer.)

Our general approach is that anything can be made from good leather. If you allow enough time. Time we need, should we not have the proper hide for the purpose available. The tanning takes up to 24 months for our special highland cattle hide used for the icon golf bag. Standard tanning time for our spruce bark tanned leather is 9-12 months. Finding the right reindeer hide may take a season, since reindeer slaughter takes place only twice a year and is anything but a predictable business. Read all about our Tannery and our Leather.

Anything can be made from good leather. If you have the right construction. And we (read our sadlers) have a lot of opinions about what is the right construction. There is a list of things we don’t do. And there is a list of materials that we don’t use. Read all about our Sadlery and its Principles.

Over the years, we have made a lot of different things from leather. Beak boots, still the traditional footwear of the Sami. Equestrian and agricultural equipment to last for heavy use in the cold north. Bags of all kinds for kings and peasants alike. Stationary and home decoration for castle and cottage. Wear for soldiers and cooks. Sheaths for swords and kitchen knives. Straps for watches and cases for cameras and rifles. Cases and boxes to hold anything. Coffers and chests to hold everything.