Böle Tannery

Spruce bark tanned

Spruce bark tanned Swedish cattle hide is Böle’s heart and soul. We use it as the main leather of our Briefcases.

It has a unique colour. Spruce bark is a very “slow” or “mild” tanning that creates a bright colour that will get darker and darker with time.

It has a perfect surface. Perfect in a way that only nature can make it, and we as tanners treat it very cautiously in order not to damage it.

It needs no dying, and is not dyed. This means that it can easily be mended if scratched, by wetting the surface and rubbing it with a finger, over and over again.

It is stiff. Stiff enough to be the backbone of products that are to keep their shape over a very long period of time.

It smells. Meaning that it smells like spruce bark, which is a fresh smell that will stay with the leather for a long time.

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