Böle Tannery

Swedish Cattle Hide

Böle’s cattle leather is made exclusively from Swedish cattle hide.

Swedish cattle is not known to be the biggest, but they may just be the happiest. Sweden is a large country with a small cattle population, leaving enough room for everybody. Our cattle husbandry traditions are to keep animals outdoors as much as possible. And Swedish laws on agriculture provide a strong protection of animals.

However, Swedish cattle is known to be excellent, if not the best, for making good leather. The main reason for this is that Swedish cattle lives in a cold climate where they are less exposed to hide damaging insects than in other parts in the world. It is also a fact that they are kept in a living environment where they are less likely to damage their hide. Some also speculate that the cold environment creates a tighter and more robust hide, which is more suitable for making durable leather.

Under all circumstances, we stick to the Swedish cattle hide because the animals are fairly treated and the hide makes good leather. And we use only the best of the best hides.