Böle Tannery


Our most important principle is durability. We only make products that last.

The psychological reason for this is probably that we don’t like change. We prefer it the way it was. And in the future we want it to be (almost) as it is now. At least, we don’t like sudden change. That’s why we make products that you don’t have to throw away within short. Or that will break easily and need mending. On the other hand, we like slow and graceful change. That’s why we make products that live and age, with style.

The physical fundament for this is our leather, which live and age, and therefore last. Anything we add to the leather – whether stitching or locks – needs to be of a design and quality that matches our leather.

We provide a 15 year guarantee (the legal limit in Sweden) to all our products, but we expect them to last much longer than that. And we want to take care of them to make them last even longer. For our Rucksacks and Briefcases we provide an annual free service for the first 15 years.