Böle Tannery


Böle is a sadlery as much as a tannery.

We refer to our crafting of leather goods as sadlery, since our leathers are of a quality that would traditionally be used for saddles. (We have actually made saddles in the past and our master sadler just won’t give it up, on his spare time.) This means that we craft ourselves the leather that we have tanned ourselves. (We don’t sell any of the leather we tan, but use it all ourselves). We have been a sadlery for as long as we have been a tannery. And we take as much pride in our sadlery as in our tanning. That is why feel as confident about our finished products as we do about our leather.

Our sadlery is a very uncompromising business and our sadlers are pretty uncompromising people. They have unlimited integrity both when it comes to the principles for making the products as well as choosing the materials they use. (As long as they use the leather from the tannery, of course.)