Böle Tannery


Most leathers are so thoroughly dyed and painted that they don’t need any care. But it also means that they are beyond any care. If the surface is scratched, there is no way you can mend it.

All leather products need care, sooner or later. Unfortunately, most of them are constructed in so many pieces, or with such thin leather, or with such specially died leather, or with so many other materials, that you will need to be a highly skilled engineer to care for them.

Since we don’t dye our leather, you can easily care for our leather yourself. Our leather will dry somewhat, but you can easily oil it yourself. If the surface is scratched, you can mend it by wetting it and rubbing it with your finger. If that doesn’t work, you can it take it to a shoemaker who can polish the scratch away while you are waiting. If that still doesn’t work, return it to us and we’ll fix it. But most important with our leather: time will heal all wounds.

And since our product constructions are governed by simplicity, they are easy to maintain and repair. If you need to replace a part, your can easily get a spare from us and apply it using only a screwdriver. There are some reparations that we don’t want you to do yourself, primarily of the locks of our Briefcases.

As for our Rucksacks and Briefcases, we recommend that you utilize the free annual service. At least for the first 15 years.