Böle Tannery


The leather industry has always been infamous as a dirty business. Originally, tanneries used all kinds of human excrements and animal residues in its processes, disturbing the surroundings by creating an awful smell. Since then, many say it has gone from bad to worse. Today, modern tanneries are known for utilizing harmful chemicals, consuming large amounts of water, emitting polluted water back to rivers, and creating bad jobs in the poorer parts of the world.

Nothing of the above applies to Böle. We are sustainable in every aspect of what we do. Böle’s immediate goal is to be the most sustainable company in the leather industry – if we are not already. The ultimate goal, however, is no less than to become a generally and globally recognized benchmark for sustainable business.

All of the following applies to Böle. Our products are durable; they are made to last for a very long time. Our materials are renewable; our hides are a by-product and spruce bark grows all around us. Our processes are natural; we use only natural ingredients, create only biodegradable waste, consume a minimum of energy and water, and generate almost no emissions to air or water. Our business is responsible; being a 4th generation family company we continue to do business in accordance with local industrial traditions and in synergy with the native people of our land.