Böle Tannery


We are located in Böle village. Always has and probably always will.

Böle is an old word meaning “place to live”, so there are lots of places and villages called Böle in Sweden and Finland. Our Böle is in the municipality of Piteå. Since distances between places tend to be pretty large up here, you may want to check that you have the right Böle before starting your journey to us.

Böle village is beautifully located by the Pite river. It was not “discovered” by central government until 1505, but we suspect it was there long before that. Böle has 424 inhabitants (at least it did have in 2010), and the trend is a slight increase. We have a small school, but for most other services we need to go to neighbour village Öjebyn. In 1915 they built a bridge across the river to replace the small ferries, as the railway came to the village. The bridge and the railway are both still here but the trains don’t stop here any longer.

Böle Tannery is probably the most famous thing about Böle village. And in all honesty we are not that famous, yet.