Böle at Trunk Clothiers in London

In the cosy neighborhood of Marylebone you find Trunk Clothiers, featuring some of the best menswear and accessories from UK, Japan, Italy, US and beyond. We liked Trunk the moment we saw it, also meeting the proprietor Mats Klingberg. So now you can find Böles Briefcases and Classic collection at Trunk Labs, the accessories shop to Trunk.

Jokkmokk Wintermarket

Visiting the winter market, just as a spectator. My grandfather Assar stood here selling fine leather goods for 62 years in a row. In the background the beautiful church built in 1889.

Daily work

Someone needs to go on diet. Obviously.

Job opening – Reindeer Horn Plate Engraver

Böle’s long time engraver of reindeer horn plates, Bertil, is planning to retire. Well deserved since he turned 90 a few years ago. Böle’ uses engraved reindeer horn plates for its Rucksacks. We are looking for someone who knows the traditional technique of engraving reindeer horn with alder root and linseed oil tincture. You don’t have to be a multiple champion of Sami knife crafting, as Bertil is, but you should share Böle’s general approach to quality and our dedication to details. Work samples will be required. Please contact Anders Sandlund, anders@boletannery.com, +46 735 032334, for further details


A long summer of nearly 3 months up here in the north seems to have come to an end. We are now preparing for some new AND old ideas and products. A good start with a feature in the nice paper Monocle. Stay tuned for more updates ahead. http://monocle.com/magazine/issues/67/whats-in-a-name/


A regular day at the office. Products are being made. Customers are waiting for delivery.


Sometimes you need to take care of your own skin. There is no better way than a spa treatment, or as we call it up here, sauna.

Nitty Gritty

Böle corner at the Nitty Gritty shop in Stockholm.

Tannery Inventory

Selling out some old stuff. This Marten could be a little bit tricky, but a charming fellow he is for sure.


Browsing thru the family album. Many characthers and a lot of joy those days.